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Choose Front or Back Reel

Both front and rear hose reel options available (only Vacall can produce both).
Low profile hose reel improves driver visability.


Higher Reach for Dumping

Vacall's hydraulically controlled high-dump option is capable of raising debris body 76" vertically and 21" horizontally.


Lifetime Water Tanks

Vacall offers a standard lifetime warranty on 1/4" aluminum water tanks.

Vacall is the only manufacturer to offer a powder coated exterior for longer lasting paint adhesion.


Faster Tank Cleanout

Vacall's seven-jet debris body cleanout flows up to 85 gallons per minute for faster, more effective cleaning. Only Vacall offers an optional galvanized debris body with lifetime warranty.


Direct Drive, No Oversizing

Direct drive positive displacement vacuum system- efficient, environmentally friendly, and no engine oversizing required.


Easy Remote Contol

Cambus controls allow 0 - 100% water access and 0-100% vacuum to be controlled with only four buttons.
Auxillary hydraulics allow the boom, hose reel and debris body to be moved without engine running.

The new VACALL™ AllJetVac combination sewer cleaners provide excellent jetting action and superior vacuum power to efficiently open clogged sewer lines and perform needed maintenance.
They both utilize the chassis engine as a single power source, reducing fuel consumption, emissions, routine engine service cost and downtime. Two distinct models give you a choice in feature sets to match your needs.

prd alljetvac pAllJetVac P Series combination sewer cleaner models use a positive displacement blower system. The vacuum and jetting systems are powered by the chassis engine, with a wide range of capacities and power options. The new AllJetVac sets the industry standard for high performance and reliability.

prd alljetvac rAllJetVac R Series combination sewer cleaners feature a hose reel and boom system located at the rear of the chassis, rather than in the front. Exceptional performance and reliability are combined with superior operating efficiency, using the chassis engine to also power vacuum and jetting forces.

The VACALL AJV with High Dump Option allows the operator to raise the debris tank as much as 76 inches above ground level. This debris tank repositioning enables the operator to dump material into dewatering containers, avoiding the need for dangerous ramps

prd allsmartflowThe VACALL AllSmartFlow™
control system is standard on
all VACALL JetVac models.

While other machines require two engines – one for the truck chassis and one to generate vacuum and jetting power – VACALL machines deliver optimum on-the-job performance with just one. That means less fuel, lower service costs and less downtime.

Visit the VACALL website for more detailed information.

The new GapVax™ Combination Vehicles, are equipped with a unitized water and debris tank and double sub-frame. Heavy-duty double acting single-lift cylinder provides a stable 50 degree dump angle.

gapvaxGJetGapVax G Jet Cat features a 1,600 gallon stainless steel water tank, a giant GP7600 hydraulic water pump, 80 GPM @ 2000psi, and much more.

PDF BROCHURE: Click [HERE] for a downloadable PDF.

GapVax MC CatGapVax MC Cat features a 3,500 CFM positive displacement pump, top loading debris tank, stainless steel water system tank capacity of 500-2000 gallons and more.

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GapVax MC1510 CatGapVax MC1510 Cat