Flexible, powerful combo units from ERS could be the lowest-cost answer to your utility and municipal sewer cleaning and hydro-excavation needs.

We have VACALL™ AllJetVacs and Vactor 2100s in our inventory, featuring 3600 CFM vacuum, rodders providing 80 GPM @ 2500 psi, 15-yard debris tanks and up to 1300-gallon freshwater capacity. Units include an extendable oscillating loading boom and front or rear hose reels. The design and controls on the Vactor 2100 sewer cleaner make it easier to operate, providing an all-around command of the work area.

GapVax® Combination JetVac Units

The new GapVax® Combination JetVac Units, are equipped with a unitized water and debris tank and double sub-frame. Heavy-duty double acting single-lift cylinder provides a stable 50 degree dump angle.

GapVax® MC Series

Features a 3,500 CFM positive displacement pump, top loading debris tank, stainless steel water tank capacity of 500-2000 gallons and more.

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GapVax® MC1510

Red Dawg™ family of sewer cleaning tools!

The lastest in development in the nozzle market is available today to add to your ERS Rental Truck.

Red Dawg Scout

This is the absolute simplest and easiest jet camera to operate in the industry. This system enables operators to get as much as 10,000 ft./day that can be used to meet your municipalities CMOM requirements. The 1100 lumens of sealed LED light is more than enough to light up lines up to 14″. GoPro™ handle the camera.

Red Dawg Drilled Nozzles

Carbon Steel construction makes this nozzle series a must have for any cost-minded purchasing decisions. We cut all the fat and left these tools with the most effective tool for the money. Available for flows from 18 to 80 GPM

Red Dawg Sand Hog

Sand and Sludge are no match for this solid aluminum nozzle. A forward-facing jet and 8-Rear facing jets (@15 Deg.) ensure a solid pattern behind this nozzle for breaking up debris and sending it downstream. Also, the red anodized finish lets you know this nozzle means business. Any crew looking for an ideal nozzle to tackle lines heavy with debris.

Red Dawg Standard

This nozzle excels at preventative cleaning and mainline work. There is enough weight to keep this nozzle down in the debris where the cleaning is needed most.

Red Dawg Chisel

Stoppage beware, this contoured nozzles can punch a hole in any organic blockage you throw at it. The heat-treated body keeps wear and tear to aminimum. Examined flow design keeps this nozzle pulling hard without taking away from the forward utility.

Red Dawg Pusher

Pushing blockages away from the homeowners property and into the mainline is what this nozzle was born to do. No rear thrust keeps this needed tool from adding fuel to the fire. 7 forward-facing jets ensure that there is only one direction for debris directly in-front

Red Dawg 10-Jet

Heavy cleaning design features keep this nozzle where it needs to be. The rear features 10-alternating angled jets for a mixed effort of cleaning and thrust. This is sure to be a standard issue nozzle for most of the combination cleaners out in the field.

Red Dawg 12-Jet

Let this be your everyday cleaning nozzle. Its 12 dual-angled rear jets provide Thrust and cleaning angles to make this a dual purpose nozzle as well. The 2.9” diameter body provides a small enough footprint to work in lines as small as 6”, but can work on jetters up to 80 GPM.

Red Dawg Button 1/2″

Our Red Dawg Button nozzle is designed for use in small diameter pipes such as residential cleanouts. The 6-30 degree rear facing jets with replaceable inserts provide plenty of cleaning power and thrust for clearing blockages.

Red Dawg Rotator

This aggressive rotating nozzle has 4 focused jets that are counter-rotating. We jet them with counter-thrust to keep the jets focused on the pipe walls. Coated with our Black Oxide plating to help prevent any corrosion issues down the road. Grease and scale are a great use for this style nozzle.

Red Dawg Nozzle v2

A new revision gives this nozzle new life. This is a great tool for all purposes, general cleaning, stoppages (grease & roots). The 6 rear 30-degree (8-jets for 1″ body) provide thrust and pipe wall scouring force to propel this nozzle up the line. The rear magic is the rotating front jet. At about 1,000 #’s the insert begins to rotate and break up anything in its path.

Red Dawg Hot Dawg

The Hot Dawg has a design based on industry-favorite elements that make this a must have for every operator. It produces a large amount of thrust coupled with an ideal weight to make this a go-to nozzle. Constructed from heat-treated alloy steel to ensure a long career on any unit.