Rentals – Sewer Cleaner/Combo Units

Flexible, powerful combo units from ERS could be the lowest-cost answer to your utility and municipal sewer cleaning and hydro-excavation needs.

We have VACALL™ AllJetVacs and Vactor 2100s in our inventory, featuring 3600 CFM vacuum, rodders providing 80 GPM @ 2500 psi, 15-yard debris tanks and up to 1300-gallon freshwater capacity. Units include an extendable oscillating loading boom and front or rear hose reels. The design and controls on the Vactor 2100 sewer cleaner make it easier to operate, providing an all-around command of the work area.

GapVax™ Combination Vehicles

The new GapVax™ Combination Vehicles, are equipped with a unitized water and debris tank and double sub-frame. Heavy-duty double acting single-lift cylinder provides a stable 50 degree dump angle.

GapVax G Jet Cat
GapVax G Jet Cat

Features a 1,600 gallon stainless steel water tank, a giant GP7600 hydraulic water pump, 80 GPM @ 2000psi, and much more.

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GapVax MC Cat

Features a 3,500 CFM positive displacement pump, top loading debris tank, stainless steel water system tank capacity of 500-2000 gallons and more.

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GapVax MC1510 Cat