Because we have what it takes to grow with you.

Because at ERS, we do it all, from rentals to new and used sales, even service of your existing equipment.

We’re one of the largest providers of industrial cleaning equipment in North America so naturally we have the quality equipment your business or project demands, including vacuum trucks, sewer cleaners, hydro-excavators, tractors, tanker trailers and roll off equipment. But what truly sets us apart is our range of service options — whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term rental, are building your own fleet, or need service for the equipment you already have, ERS is here to support your evolving equipment needs and to keep your projects on track.

Because we pioneered the industrial cleaning equipment rental industry.

It’s hard to believe there was a time when few options were available for obtaining industrial cleaning equipment. If you needed vacuum trucks or sewer cleaning trucks, you either had to rent-to-own or purchase up-front. That was pre-1994, before Keith Debault founded ERS — and before we became the first company to offer short- and long-term rentals on industrial cleaning equipment from multiple locations. As you can imagine, this longevity and experience gives us a deep knowledge and understanding of your business and its unique needs.

Because we have broader geographic coverage.

With locations geographically positioned across the U.S., ERS can support your business wherever it grows. Whether you want to pick up or prefer we deliver to your job site, your local representative will work with you to overcome any geographical challenges and find the most efficient way to get the equipment you need where you need it.

Because we go the extra mile for you — every day, all the time.

Customers come to us for our experience, but they stay customers because of what they experience working with us. Flexible, reliable and easy to work with, we put you first, ensuring you get the equipment you need without hassles or unnecessary restrictions. We’re available every hour of every day to quickly and effectively handle your requests and concerns, offering value-added services like delivery, on-site maintenance, repairs and staffing to make things even easier on you.

Why ERS? October 19, 2017